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Tim Drage's Lego® Pages

(Tony Mines did most of the leg(o) work.)

Of course it's unofficial, you fool!

Updated at long last Nov 2002 - New custom minifigs knocked together by Tony, and I've rearranged things into catagories for ease of browse!

On these pages you will find various works of Lego customisation, subvertion, art, filmmaking and (most of all) timewasting by Tim Drage, Tony Mines and our fellow Legomaniacs! Hope you enjoy!

Please note: This is all silly stuff done for our own amusement; to see the professional side of our LEGO activities visit Spite Your Face Productions Ltd, home of our official LEGO movies.

Look what is here!

Customised minifigs

Special things


  • NEW! X-bomber micro-scale model. (LINK FIXED!!)
  • Anime lego! - Large scale figures of Battle Angel Alita and Captain Harlock and Emereldas by Tony. Naturally.
  • Judge Dredd Lego! - Dredd himself, and Mean Machine! By Tony again.

LEGO Movies

Other Things

Soon there will be many many other things here, including:

Please email me if you have any stuff/links of the bizzare/surreal lego kind which I could include here or link to! Especially get in touch if you dream any Lego parts or sets which could be recreated or described...

If you thought this lego page was odd, wait till you see the rest of my website 'Cultivate Twiddle'! If on the other hand you found this perfectly normal, then you really should visit 'Cultivate Twiddle'!

non-lego toys index

It's a disclaimer! This page is obviously an unofficial fan site and not officially associated with Lego. LEGOŽ is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site.

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