Bildo, Bildo Baggins


It's Di$ney! It's Greek! It's Cheap! It's Bootlego!

Yet another fine purchase from Poundland! My friend Tony discovered this there in my absence, and they were all gone before we had the chance to buy more. The use of the Di$ney logo implies officialness of some kind, but the product is shockingly cheap and shoddy. (for example, see the photocopied and rather baffling instructions below!) Of course now there is official Mickey Mouse LEGO (or duplo or whatever it is...), which is just wrong.

The best thing about Bildo (apart from it's unfortunate name), is the strange and wonderous blocks which you get in large quantities. Most unusual are the flat bricks which are exactly half the height of a standard block, a configuration entirely alien to the lego system. Much more useful however, are the huge number of cool curved pieces you get, and in bottom and top-connecting varieties too! All the Bildo, as well as mega Blox and all other Bootlego, has been unceremoniously dumped in with Tony's real lego in time-honoured non-purist fashion. Watch out for those unorthodox pieces appearing in creations on these pages soon!!