THX 13G0

by Tim Drage
Legomoviemaking in it's rawest form

- watch the whole 11.24 seconds 708k quicktime movie -
(i'd have made it 11.38 seconds were this not impossible)

some time ago i made lego images of George Lucas' early film THX 1138
for my friend Asa's Lego Star Wars pseudocumentary
(which was unfortunately not completed)

2 scenes: police brutality and driving the little funny futuristic car
(car scene never shot - images below)

i had insufficiant black minifig bodyparts to hand at the time
so i made the cops out of different colours
and used a video effect to remove all colour but yellow

kitchenfoil for robotfaces

futuristic car reconstructed from memory
warning! may not resemble actual vehicle

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apologies to George Lucas

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