All of the Dead

All of the Dead

The World's First Lego® Video Nasty!!

By Tim Drage and Tony Mines
Utterly unofficial and not at all authorised, endorsed or sponsored by the Lego Group, or even Spite Your Face Productions!
The making of
All of the Dead
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LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site or any of the animation and other material on this site. All content here is at the discretion of Spite Your Face Productions.

additional silly disclaimers

WARNING! All of the Dead contains images of shockingly graphic and realistic, extreme, stupid Lego violence and is thus unsuitable for children or the humourless.
None of the material on this site is endorsed by Lego, or anyone else for that matter. However, unlike our Lego Evangelion page You've got a NERV, we ourselves are not at all ashamed at what we have created.
DANGER! May not actually contain some or all of the dead.
Void where prohibited.
We used to call the film 'All of The Dead' with an intentionally incorrect capital T in 'The', but then we realised that we had no idea why on earth we did this, so we corrected it.
Other films by Tim Drage and Tony Mines can be discovered here.
No Legopersons were harmed during the making of this film, but a great deal of plasticine was.
The failure to correctly focus exhibited in this film should not be deemed to represent a general lack of camera skills on the part of the filmmakers. Evidence of superior cinematography can be found in our other films.
We accept no responsibility for any ill effects resulting from the viewing of this or any other of our Lego creations.
Do try this at home.
All correspondence will be entered into.
Super-8 film is the best!
No profit has been made from this film, nor is any likely to be.
Don't hold your breath for the next episode.

All of the Dead; The Ultimate Experience in Gruelling Inconsistancy
was filmed entirely on location in India, Northumberland and Wales.
©MM Spite Your Face Productions Ltd./Tim Drage/Tony Mines 2004

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