• Spite Your Face Productions Showreel

    Our showreel, comprising over thirty of our best films, ranging from 1999 to present, for leading commercial brands and corporate clients, as wel

  • Business Communications Reel

    This reel forms a collection of animation work I have executed in the field of Business Communications or Internal Comms', both as a freelancer,

  • Vodka Red Butch (Dirty & Slow Edition) – Douce Angoisse

    Vodka Red Butch (Dirty & Slow Edition) by Douce Angoisse, from the e.p Golden Tuna. Slow, dirty electro accompanied by raw, stripped-down film ma

  • Spite Your Face on Tumblr

    A trailer to promote our new tumblr blog, where you'll find daily updates of exclusive material from our archives. http://spiteyourfaceproductio

  • PlayJam Idents

    4x original animated idents for PlayJam, on the theme of what videogame characters do in their downtime. Concept and delivery by SYF. Sound by Jon Dix. Visit the PlayJam youtube channel here: http://bit

  • Tim Drage – Demo Reel

    SYF is pleased to represents Tim Drage for freelance work. Here you can view his latest demo reel, featuring sample works in mixed-media animation, motion graphics, senior After Effects compositing, stop-m

  • Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock

    This popular viral was originaly produced by SYF for LEGO/SONY/Marvel to promote the theatrical release of Spider-Man 2, but has since developed

  • Douce Angoisse – Golden Tuna

    A video announcing the imminent E.P of our sister band Douce Angoisse. Featuring material shot across Germany and Canada, the film has already be

  • Anchor: Great Escape

    Commercial spot for TV and Cinema, directed by Tony Mines for Tandem Films. In the tradition of SYF's LEGO work, the piece is another classic-film remake, but this time using hand animated fuzzy-felt piec

  • About Spite Your Face Productions

    Producing animations and films as a grown-up job since 1999. Content provider and direct to client services. Contact Director/Producer Tony Mines for details. Explore our site for a wealth of content, follow us on your choice of social links below, and visit our tumblr for daily updates.

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