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Please only use this contact form in relation to paid projects and commissions, or for requests related to use of materials. In anticipation of questions about budgeting and schedules, an outline guide is provided below the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Services are costed at a standard per-person-days rate for all disciplines, regardless of client or intended audience. Budget and schedule variation therefore are decided by project complexity.

With regards to full animation delivery, 2D motionography projects can be amongst those with the fastest turnaround. Perhaps as little as a 5 to 10 day minimum assuming a client-approved final script and a standard 1-3 minute duration.

Character animation inevitably adds complexity and sophistication to a project’s requirements. For even the simplest of character-driven stories we advise a minimum 3 week (15 person days) delivery period.

Stop-motion projects, including LEGO animation entail material complexities which demand an extended pre’ and post-production period. We advise you expect a 5 week (25 person days) minimum turnaround on projects of this type.

The above assumes a standard 1-3 minute film, with 1x animation artist person-days for the duration of a project. Assistant animators, musicians, voice artists etc. would be factored additionally subject to requirement.

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