Watch! 'All of the Dead'!

SEE! the Lego Dead rise!
SEE! some of them fall over again!
WATCH! as innocent minifigs are dismembered before your very very eyes indeed!
HEAR! a horrible racket!
FEEL! slightly baffled.
CLICK! here to download the 10.8 mb MPEG-4 version!
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WAIT! a long time.
CURSE! as your connection goes down half way through downloading!
GET! Quicktime, DIVX or Realplayer if you need to.
POINT! your face and eyes at the film.
QUAKE! in horror at the extremely grim sillyness!
SHUDDER! in dismay!
LAUGH! if you think it's funny.
ASK! 'Why is it snowing in Egypt?'
WONDER! what's going on!
MARVEL! at the effort that's gone into this!
MOAN! about the poor focusing!
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