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Neon Genesis Evangelion Lego by Tony Mines and Tim Drage

This is an unofficial Evangelion fan site, and is not endorsed by Gainax, Lego or Mega Blox. In fact, we don't even endorse it ourselves.

Feb 2005 - a couple of new links!
Oct 2002 - Actually finally updated with new old pictures!

And on the first day the Lord made Otaku.
And lo the Otaku were sent from Eden for being ugly, and for being gits.

And on the second day the Lord made a new world for the Otaku.

On the third day he gave them funny looking girl women to pander to their lolita complexes.

And on the fourth day he gave them meaningless quasi-religious imagery.

On the fifth day The Lord scrapped the whole thing and started over again in Lego.

On the sixth day he got lazy, and incorporated various cheap pseudo-Lego elements.

And on the seventh day he was arrested.

- From the New Testement and Spasms of Tony Mines

Otaku Mentality Project

"Hello, and welcome to the wonderful anal world of Lego Evangelion. We wasted a good deal of our time on this, and we invite you to do likewise. This sad and uncharacteristicaly fanboy-like fiasco began the day Mega Blox entered my world. Generally, I don't endorse the second hand imagery based boil on the creative face of Anime that calls itself Fan Art, but I do approve of people spending unhealthy amounts of time making twaddle out of Lego. So it was, that when Tim and I found purple components in a Mega Blox set in Hyper Value, that we decided Eva' Lego had to be made. We weren't going to bother taking this nonsense any further than the floor of our spare room, but have been enthused to bring this page to you by the ambiguous wonders of Evangelion Air.

Due to highly limited Lego resources, the models on this page are of the so called 'microfig scale' variety*. Our recources are so limited in fact that no two Eva' can co-exist at one time, due to shared parts."

- Tony Mines, Legotist & Legotaku.

(*More like indiscriminate scale really - Tim)


Model Gallery
(Now with new + improved photo of the component parts so you can see how we built these silly things.)

NEW! The Slightly Less Awful Photoshop Gallery

The Awful Photoshop Gallery

The incredibly stylish picture of Adam.

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