A Dream of Tron Lego!

Subconcious activities by Asa Winstanley. Artist's impressions by Tim Drage.

I'm so proud!

It all started when Asa dreamed that he was in Argos (or similar catalogue shop) looking in the catalogue to try and find new Star Wars Lego. Instead, he found Tron Lego!

It appears to be almost exclusively made of old pieces, both in the sense of being old-skool (e.g. the retro spacemen bodies), and also actually being made of old pieces such as heads with faded faces! They are also ludicrously basic and cheap looking!

There were three or four sets, and I have spent WAAAY too much time recreating everything he could remember of them!
The game set, with cardboard circle thing. Note the scoop hands, which are the only specialised pieces in the Tron Lego range.

A lightcycle, believe it or not!

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