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Back to Black

14 Oct 2012 / in Production

A vast sea of stars are broken. So begins the first page of the first draft of a screenplay that would eventually come to be filmed as Star Wars. Of what mercifully little escaped that first draft, those first five words, “a vast sea of stars” survive every iteration and sequel. Outer space is black […]

Aaaaaand CUT!

06 Dec 2011 / in Principal Photography, Production

Yvette Horizon just wrapped principal photography. Last Saturday, seven months since our first shoot and one full year since the spectre of an idea first revealed itself, we have our little film in the can. A selection of vfx elements and pick-ups remain to be shot, plus some heavy duty field-recording for the audio – […]

In the beginning, there was the word…

24 Nov 2011 / in Production

And the Word was a drawing. Depicted below is my current sketchbook, custodian of the secret plans for Yvette Horizon. It is also my favorite worldly possession, and it ever goes missing or I drop it in a canal, I will do a little cry. Seriously, look at that thing. The paper is of a […]

You know the score, pal. If you’re not pirate, you’re little people!

16 Oct 2011 / in Principal Photography, Production

Welcome to the first entry of the Space Rum Diary, being an ongoing account of the production of the short-film space pirate saga Yvette Horizon. As the film grows, we’ll be keeping your social media feed regularly updated in pictures and video, but in these passages you can follow a closer account of our journey. […]