have your cakeman and watch it

herein you may download movies of cakeman

clips, or the whole darn thing
newly avaliable are high bandwidth large versions at last

just click on the images or their descriptions below to download movies!
if you are too low in the bandwidth look at the pretty animated gifs instead
or as well
also listen to just the sounds

let me know what you think


due to PRACTICALLY EVERY FRAME of cakeman being different to every other
some people have experienced a SUBLIMINAL EFFECT which can lead to completely forgetting EVER HAVING SEEN the FILM
IF this happens to YOU
watch it AGAIN
rinse and repeat as necessary

links now work properly again

new large versions

download fullscreen version 22.9mb
768x576 divx avi requires divx plugin

download medium sized version 11.4mb
320x260 mpeg4

old small versions

the whole of cakeman
1 min 30 sec
tiny version!
67 X 50 pixels

5.6MB .mov
the whole of cakeman
1 min 30 sec
small version!
120 X 90 pixels

8.2MB .mov

kind of pointess very short exerpts
why bother?

download movie clip
good cakeman
120 X 90 pixels
11 seconds + 8 frames
575.4k .mov
download movie clip
evil cakeman
120 X 90 pixels
26 seconds + 13 frames
1.4MB .mov
download movie clip
'the eyes..are removed'
120 X 90 pixels
4 seconds + 18 frames
474.7k .mov
download movie clip
'i've been on morphine...'

120 X 90 pixels
3 seconds + 8 frames
322.4k .mov
download movie clip
noisy cake

120 X 90 pixels
1 second + 10 frames
130.5k .mov
download movie clip
silent cherries

120 X 90 pixels
1 second + 19 frames
151.7k .mov