• A selection of our video and animation work.
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    • Spite Your Face Productions Showreel

      Our showreel, comprising over thirty of our best films, ranging from 1999 to present, for leading commercial brands and corporate clients, as wel

    • Business Communications Reel

      This reel forms a collection of animation work I have executed in the field of Business Communications or Internal Comms', both as a freelancer,

    • Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock

      This popular viral was originaly produced by SYF for LEGO/SONY/Marvel to promote the theatrical release of Spider-Man 2, but has since developed

    • Douce Angoisse – No Pain No Gain

      Video for Douce Angoisse single No Pain No Gain, from the E.P Golden Tuna. Music by Douce Angoisse, mix by Léon Combs, video by Tony Mines for S

    • PlayJam Idents

      4x original animated idents for PlayJam, on the theme of what videogame characters do in their downtime. Concept and delivery by SYF. Sound by Jon Dix. Visit the PlayJam youtube channel here: http://bit

    • Vodka Red Butch (Dirty & Slow Edition) – Douce Angoisse

      Vodka Red Butch (Dirty & Slow Edition) by Douce Angoisse, from the e.p Golden Tuna. Slow, dirty electro accompanied by raw, stripped-down film ma

    • Tim Drage – Demo Reel

      SYF is pleased to represents Tim Drage for freelance work. Here you can view his latest demo reel, featuring sample works in mixed-media animation, motion graphics, senior After Effects compositing, stop-m

    • Star Wars: The Han Solo Affair

      Official LEGO The Empire Strikes Back skit. Produced for LEGO and Lucasfilm in 2002 to coincide with the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode

    • Spite Your Face on Tumblr

      A trailer to promote our new tumblr blog, where you'll find daily updates of exclusive material from our archives. http://spiteyourfaceproductio

    • Anchor: Great Escape

      Commercial spot for TV and Cinema, directed by Tony Mines for Tandem Films. In the tradition of SYF's LEGO work, the piece is another classic-film remake, but this time using hand animated fuzzy-felt piec

    • Monty Python and the Holy Grail in LEGO

      Animated stop-motion LEGO short, commissioned in 2002 by Python Pictures based on an original pitch by Terry Gilliam. This is a special HD upgrad

    • A Film About Sweden

      Animation elements for corporate brand film. Design, concept and execution from scratch, using Flash/After Effects workflow. This is not the final film as presented, but the bespoke elements set to new mu

    • Kellog’s Coco Pops: Cupboard

      Broadcast and theatrical commercial for Kellogs Coco Pops (aka Kokoa Krispies), directed by Tony Mines for Tandem Films. 35mm with digital and pr

    • Douce Angoisse – Night of the Living Dread

      Douce Angoisse perform Night of the Living Dread at Hackney Wicked Festival 2011. Directed by Tony Mines. Cameras by Tony Mines and Alan Davies.

    • Douce Angoisse – Moi Gitan, Toi Jane

      SYF tried to take a holiday, but failed resolutely . It rained, so we improvised this music video for Douce Angoisse instead. Shot inside an hour

    • ONE: A Space Odyssey

      Being the seminal Kubrick epic, compressed into a single minute, through the magic of LEGO stop-motion. Produced back in 2000 on the dawn of that benchmark year.

    • TNS Discovery

      Corporate Communications film created in-house by Spite Your Face Productions, direct to client from a third party brief. Development, original video production, animation and original music score delivere

    • Happy Street

       TV Continuity Spot, directed by Tony Mines for Tandem Films. A single, continuous stop-motion sequence depicting urban decay in toy land.

    • Emotion Tracking – Rotoscope Animation

      A recent project has had me exploring the craft of rotoscoping, and I thought I might share my thoughts on this oft maligned technique. Some o

    • Remarkably Bold Venture of the Rabbit

      Experimental animated scifi adventure, directed by Tim Drage, 1999. The film relates the activities of a Rabbit and her mummified robot friend

    • Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock (Alternate Ending)

      Alternate-ending version of the popular viral, originaly produced for LEGO/SONY/Marvel to promote the theatrical release of Spider-Man 2. The sto

    • Ipso Facto, Harmonise

      In loving memory of Ipso Facto. This video represents a (succesful) experiment in pulling together something more from a simple one-take studio recording, to create an aesthetic music video in record time

    • Game Assets and Pixel Animation

      Above is a demonstration of pixel drawn/animated game assets for an online Flash game. Created in Photoshop and animated/edited in Flash for game

    • Red or Dead – Brand Film

      Collage animation from brand assets and original materials, compiled with a photoshop/AE workflow. This was pulled together on a timeframe so sho

    • GameCity LEGO Animation Workshop 2010

      Submitted for your approval, the long awaited product of the 2010 GameCity LEGO Animation Workshop. This is our second year in a row doing the

    • All of the Dead

      All of the Dead, 1999, Spite Your Face Productions. 8mm Film. This was the first ever ‘brickfilm’ online. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. We googled real hard trying to find any other

    • Hackney Wicked Festival 2010: An Accidental Documentary

      Forget your Olympics. A reminder of what a real East London party looks like. The Hackney Wicked Festival is a three day open arts festival he

    • GameCity LEGO Animation Workshop 2009

      "GameCity has been bought to you today by the letters A, B, X, Y Up, Down and Select. GameCity is a Production of the Childrens Animation Worksho

    • Market Kitchen TV Spot

      New Year, new broadcast commercial. Just before Christmas we completed another directing job with Tandem Films, this time a spot for the BBC. Not that the BBC have commercials - oh no. The piece is for